Slip and Fall Claims – Consult Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyer

Slip and fall injuries make up most of the personal injury claims these days. Basically, when you enter into someone’s premises, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure your safety. The onus of property maintenance lies with the owner. If you have been injured on someone’s unsafe property, we can help you file claim.

Common Slip & Fall Injuries

We have handled hundreds of slip and fall injuries, occupier’s liability and premises liability claims. Common types of injuries include:

  • Moving walkways including curbs, sidewalks or elevators
  • Family , neighbors or friend’s houses
  • Parking lots, driveways and parking garages
  • Restaurants, bars, grocery stores and malls
  • Public restrooms, pools and gyms
  • Places of employment
  • Construction sites
  • Office buildings
  • Stairs with loose handrails
  • Areas with poor lighting
  • Uncleared snow and ice
  • Falling merchandise in public transportation
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Various other dangerous surfaces and conditions

What the Law States on Slip and Fall Injuries

Businesses, construction sites, government agencies and those liable for property management are obliged to keep maintaining their premises. Such a responsibility is clearly stated in the Occupier’s Liability Act. Where the injury or accident happened is important since maintenance standards and liability laws affect private and public properties differently. We work with our clients to determine the exact cause responsible for the injuries.

Owners cannot excuse themselves from providing a secure and safe environment to regular visitors. For example, the building should be handicap accessible and generally safe to access. Today, homes, residential complexes, shopping malls and public spaces are constructed with safety in mind, as per the provincial building regulation codes. During renovation or construction, a contractor must ensure that safety guidelines are duly followed regarding foreign obstacles, dangerous areas and off-work zones.

How a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Slip and fall injury lawyer works on a myriad dimensions to protect its client’s interests. When the owner of the property fails to maintain their premises, walkways or buildings, we prove the same in court. We also help for accidents on public spaces, government offices, retail stores and shopping centres.

You can claim compensation in the case of a slip and fall injury. Usually, this compensation is paid by the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident. In Alberta, such claims can be used to pay for various injuries and their after-effects such as pain and suffering, lost income, home maintenance and health care costs etc.

Each personal injury claim is different. The value of the claim has to be assessed in detail by our personal injury lawyer in Edmonton. Determining responsibility or the person responsible for accident is also crucial. We have dealt with hotel operators, building inspectors, property owners, department stores and even government departments.

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