Four Benefits of Settling Personal Injury Case Out of Court

Benefits of Settling Personal Injury

Involving in a car accident, dog bite or slip and fall injury can be a very frustrating experience for anyone. When it happens to you and your loved ones, there are only two options to get compensation, the first is to settle your injury claim out of court with the defendant or the second is, sue and follow through with the court trial.

Deciding whether to take your case to trial or to settle it out of court is a major decision. Making the decision depends on the nature of the case. If your case is strong, your personal injury attorney will contact the defendants and inform them of your intention to sue. The defendant or the other party will decide whether to pay you out of court or the case will proceed to trial.

Here are some benefits of resolving your personal injury case out of court.

  1. Faster solutions: When you have involved in a car accident or a slip and fall injury, you need your claim to be settled as fast as possible. When you have decided to sue a person who injured you, it can take several months or years to receive the compensation you deserve. By settling out of court, the chances to eliminate all the delays associated with waiting for court dates. You can get your compensation the right way.
  2. Guaranteed outcome: When you make a decision of a settlement agreement, you know what amount of settlement you will receive. But if you go to the court, this certainly cannot be expected. If you lose the case, you will get nothing. But if you win, you may get much more or less compensation than you expected.
  3. Lower legal costs: Personal injury attorney gets paid for their legal services once they secure compensation for you. When a case running in the court, it is very hard to say exactly how long you will need to retain an attorney or what the final cost of his fees will be. Resolving the case out of court will help you keep the legal costs down. Because this process is much faster and have chances to get the compensation.
  4. Privacy: When your case proceeds to trial, the information related to the case become public record. It includes all the evidence and testimony, such as your personal life, work relationships, family history, marital problems, family relationship and many others. If you decide to settle your case without the litigation process, the information of your case and compensation will remain confidential.

If you have been involved in a car accident or slip and fall injury, don’t make the decision to settle out of court without the help of your attorney. If you or your loved ones has been injured in an auto accident by the negligence of another person, our experienced personal injury lawyers are available to review your case.

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