Don’t Believe These Myths Regarding Personal Injury Law!

Don't Believe These Myths Regarding Personal Injury Law!

Anyone can get injured in a car accident, slip/fall, dog bite and what not. We do understand that getting injured can make anyone lose out on their temper. It is important that we should be calm and think of the solutions to our problems.

We can get a claim for our personal injury, provided we take the required steps. Since a claim is involved, there are a lot of myths that are prevailing about the personal injury law. This can make anyone lose out on their respective claims. So, check out the following myths and clear all your doubts.

Myths & Facts Regarding Personal Injury Law:-

Myth– One has to pay a retainer fee to a lawyer for taking up the case.
Fact– 90% of the layers don’t ask for the retainer fees upfront. They charge you only when you get a compensation and if you don’t get the compensation, you have nothing to pay them.

Myth– One has to go to the court for compensation.
Fact– It is not true as most of the times, these things are settled outside the court only. Your lawyer will try to negotiate the best deal possible for you.

Myth– Compensation is restricted to physical injury only.
Fact– This is not true as compensation is subject to emotional and psychological injuries too. A person may remain depressed, is unable to sleep or develops anxiety all the time following a personal injury.

Myth– It takes at least 5 years for the compensation.
Fact-This is not true as the time of settlement depends on the seriousness of the injury and the mutual agreement of the parties involved.

Myth– The lawyer knows the exact amount of compensation one will get.
Fact– No one can really tell, how much compensation one can get. A similar injury affects different people in different ways. There are a lot of factors which come into account, before a final settlement is made.

Myth– There is only one compensation per injury.
Fact– Not true. One is liable for multiple compensation depending on the kind of injury and its affects.

Myth– Hiring a lawyer is a lot of burden.
Fact– A layer can get things very easy for your settlement. Also, you might not be able to convince the insurance companies as a professional lawyer can do. You can settle on a very less amount, if you don’t hire a lawyer.

Myth– One can take a claim whenever one wishes to, after the injury.
Fact– There is a time set within which you have to make a claim. In most of the cases, it is two years. After that, you may have no right for a claim!

Still Any Doubts?

We are quite sure, you still have a lot of doubts, since this involves a lot of legal proceedings. Don’t worry, we will help you out with everything. Just give us a call and see how we set you free from all the worries!

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