Dog Bite Claim – Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers

Dog is the most faithful companion for us humans. Yet, at times, they can be fierce creatures and inflict injuries. These wonderful pets can cause serious injuries with their bites. In most cases, the owner is directly held responsible for the uncontrolled behavior of the dog.

As far as dog attacks are concerned, the law clearly states the responsibility of the owner. He/she is liable to pay for the damages resulting from an animal attack. Besides the physical wounds, dog bite claims also cover for the scar recovery, mauling and mental trauma.

Dog Bites Explained in Detail

Children often fall prey to dog bites more compared to adults. Permanent scarring, mauling, disfigurement, severed body parts, and emotional trauma are some of the results of dog attacks. Dog owners have to pay for the medical costs or any other financial losses as a result of the attack. The victim can also add a pain and suffering and loss of income clauses in the dog attack claim. In some cases, the dog keeper or the boarder is held responsible.

The most severe after-effect of a dog attack are the scars. These can last for a lifetime and even cause disfigurement in the victims. Children often have to live with the scars for their entire life. Profound scars can have severe emotional effects. Plastic surgery may be required to heal the scar which is quite expensive throughout Canada. Moreover, plastic surgery can only be performed once the child has grown past puberty. Scarring can have serious impact on the growing years and in turn can damage self-image.

If you have suffered a dog attack, we can help you get the rightful compensation, medical aid expenses or future medical rehabilitation. Contact our Alberta Injury Lawyer for dog bite claims.