Boating and Watercraft Accidents – Injury Lawyers Edmonton

Summer months beckon Canadians to explore the rich lakes and vibrant nature. The allure of warmer months fills the waters with sailboats, yachts, motorboats and watercrafts. Unfortunately, the season also witnesses a host of watercraft and boating accidents resulting in hundreds of injuries every year.

Mishaps on the Water Call for Professional Legal Help

Public waterways come under similar licensing rules like public roadways. Accidents on the water can be attributed to a wide range of reasons. Boating enthusiasts often suffer due to the lack of good medical care in proximity to most lakes. Serious boating accidents occur due to equipment malfunction or accidents aboard vessels. Besides these, Canadian law also covers:

  • Injuries or illness related to long term exposure to cold water
  • Near-drowning or drowning
  • Hypothermia
  • Physical injury due to boat malfunction
  • Spinal cord injuries due to slip and fall, or head injuries
  • Torn ligaments

All these health conditions demand prolonged treatment or medical care.

Effects of Boating Accidents

Injuries inflicted during boating can severely curtail a person’s professional life thereby diminishing his/her earning potential. This can degrade quality of life and impact finances severely. Not to mention the mental stress goes through when unemployed or undergoing medical treatment. These setbacks can lead to a sense of helplessness and despondency paralyzing the person psychologically and emotionally.

How We Approach Boating Accidents

If you have been in a boating accident, Our personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton begins by studying your case in detail. Our primary aim is to get you an apt insurance claim or financial assistance to bear medical costs. We work to ensure that you are justly compensated for the inflicted injuries.

At Alberta Injury Lawyers, our expertise and resources make sure that victims receive their deserved restitution. We help in furnishing the required documents, litigators, and negotiators so you get all due consideration from provincial authorities. We assess the insurance coverage issues, other party’s negligence or various reasons to establish the total damages to health and property. When you contact us for a free consultation, we will examine all the possible angles to your case along with the hurdles to your potential claim as per the Marine Liability Act.

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