7 Do’s & Dont’s of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

7 Do's & Dont's of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Are you facing a personal injury? If yes, then you might be feeling stressed and frustrated due to the injury you received and the hassles you are going through right now for filing a monetary claim. An easy solution to all these issues is a personal injury attorney who can not only assist you in filing an injury case but also ensures that you receive a maximum money claim. With so many lawyers firms operating right now, choosing a reliable personal injury lawyer is a necessity. To prevent further hassles, it’s advised to conduct a proper research before selecting a lawyer to represent your case.

Do’s of hiring a personal injury lawyer:

  • Research a professional attorney who is known for its success and reputation.
  • Conduct an online survey to view the ratings and reviews of a lawyer firm.
  • Consider contacting the clients who have reviewed a particular attorney.
  • Collect information from the Better Business Bureau and State Bar websites.
  • Make sure that the attorney you are choosing is both experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Look for an attorney who has a proven track record in the similar injury case as yours.
  • Before signing an attorney, make sure that you read every single word in the contract.

Dont’s of hiring a personal injury lawyer:

  • Never hire an attorney who doesn’t have substantial experience in dealing with personal injury cases.
  • Don’t get palmed off by an associate who is working as an assistant to a lawyer by discussing your depositions and negotiations.
  • Don’t forget to ask an attorney about the way he’ll handle the case and if you don’t get a clear reply, its better to continue your search.
  • Never ever hire an attorney who himself approaches you asking to represent your injury case, as chances are that he may not be a qualified and expert attorney.
  • Don’t simply choose the personal injury lawyer recommended by your friends or colleagues without conducting prior research.
  • A bigger firm is not always the best one. Even a small group of lawyers can work for you.
  • Don’t opt for a law firm that asks for complete payment in advance for filing an injury claim.

These are some of the general do’s and dont’s that must be followed before hiring a personal injury lawyer in Alberta. If you are looking for expert and qualified lawyers to file an injury claim, feel free to consult our expert attorneys at Alberta Injury Lawyer.

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